Our Company was established in 1997 and since then provided professional drilling services throughout the country, with 24 years drilling experience.  Locations vary from the Kalahari, Northern Cape, North West, Karoo, Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

We are all in one! Quality Service and Dependability are Number One.  Each client is to us like our only client and receives our utmost best service. We have years of experience and we believe that is what makes us the best and place us in a position to put our clients first and guarantee our workmanship and services that we deliver.

Choose right and never look back!! There is no place that we do not know or can't drill, from sand, clay and loose ground e.g. pebbles or river banks.

We specialize in Percussion Drilling, Odex Drilling, RC Drilling and Mud Rotation Drilling. We can drill up to a depth of 300m.

Our drilling machines are mobile and we travel anywhere. We do groundwater exploration and make use of the geohydrologic services provided by a specialist hydrologist.


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These methods are used when drilling in different areas with various soil types



This is considered the industry standard in overburden casing drilling. This system utilizes a drill bit that extends through a casing. The drill bit has a reamer that swings out when the bit is in operation and which in turn drills a hole slightly larger than the casing. The casing in turn is simultaneously advanced by using a percussion force. Cuttings are removed through the casing by compressed air. This is a preferred method for drilling for water near a river bank.


This method is basically the same as reverse circulation but instead of air, a drilling fluid is used. This assist in reducing dust, keeping the drill bit cool and pushing the cuttings to the surface. The fluid selected depends on the formation being drilled.


A solid bit is used which produces rock chips. These chips are removed from the hole through compressed air (or fluid) that is pumped into the hole. At the top the rock chips is recovered by means of a sampler for analysis. This is one of the drilling methods that can be used during exploration for minerals but might be less accurate than diamond bit drilling because of the tendency of heavier metals, like gold, which accumulates at the bottom of the drill hole and in pipe elbows. During reverse circulation the air (or fluid) is pumped down through the annulus and return through the drill stem.





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Since starting my Drilling Company, I’ve given each project we work on the personalized attention it deserves. We’ve worked together with our clients and managed to achieve great results while staying within budget. As a leading Drilling Contractor in South Africa, We take great pride in our work. Check out our previous projects below and get in touch for more information.







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GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd's Terms & Conditions apply to all quotations, Invoices & Services be it verbal or written & are available on request.

The acceptance by a Customer of quotations, whether verbal or written are binding, constituting an agreement between the Customer and GJ Drilling (PTY)Ltd and shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions set out herein.

1. All payments are strictly COD unless otherwise arranged in writing before drilling commences. Payments may be made by CASH or EFT to GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd.  GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES.  The banking details of GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd will be made available upon request.  Interest will be levied with 2% every 30 days the account is outstanding
2. GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd reserves the right to cancel any order if payments by the Customer to GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd are in default; substantial changes in material, installations and/or prices occur; or prevailing conditions beyond the control of GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd make it impossible to assure delivery/installation.  Should the above occur GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd will not be liable for any claims by the Customer whether direct, indirect or consequential.

3. Any suspension of work or delay not directly caused by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd may involve adjustments to the price quoted and a Standing time of R2500.00 per hour will be added to the bill of the customer.

4. All material / equipment remains the property of GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd until payment has been received in full. Should the Customer default in making payment, GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd reserves the right to remove the goods and the Customer agrees to allow GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd or its assignees access to the property for this purpose.

5. Prices are valid for a period of 7 days from the date of the written quotation, unless otherwise stated in writing; thereafter are subject to confirmation.

6. GUARANTEES:  New installations by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd will carry a one-year guarantee, unless otherwise indicated in writing. This guarantee shall be rendered null and void if such installation is at any time tampered with by unauthorized person/s or persons not mandated by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd. Material and pump/s installed are subject to the relevant manufacturer's terms and conditions.
7. NO WATER FEE:  Although all efforts will be made by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd to ensure a successful installation, this cannot be guaranteed as ground structures are unpredictable.  In the event of the installation not being successful, the no water fee as quoted shall include all drilling, transport and installation costs payable by the Customer to compensate for expenses incurred by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd.  Should casing have been installed and cannot be uninstalled caused not directly by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd.  The Customer will be liable for the cost of the casing.

8. EXCLUSIONS:  Should the removal of paving, vibracrete walls or any other obstruction be required to accommodate the drilling rig, which is seldom the case, the costs of such removal and subsequent replacement shall be for the Customer's account. GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd does not replace paving etc. as these are specialised trades, for which we are not trained.

9. HOLES: As per Government regulation the Maximum specs for skew holes are 3inches per each 30m drilled.  If the client has a problem with the hole, expert advice payable by the client, will be needed to confirm that the hole is not up to standard.  If this is the case, 70% of the total invoiced is immediately payable and the remaining 30% once all tests have been done.

10.  GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd cannot be held liable for any damages that occur to property, pavement, plants, fence, building structures etc.  from the time the drill rig sets up until the drill rig leaves the property.

11.  Client should prepare his/her property/house with tarps before drilling commence to ensure drill shavings and debris do not do any damage to windows walls plants etc. If clients should require GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd to do so there will be an extra charge.

12. There will be a minimum charge of R25 000.00 per hole should the customer stop the drill before the hole is drilled to the depth quoted either telephonically or on the Estimate quote sent through.

13.  Cleaning of site after drilling commenced is solely left for client’s own expenses

14.  Client should take note that the estimate quotes are based on holes drilled in the same area, and that ground formations differ.  Therefore, drilling methods can at any time change while busy with the hole and so will the price.  If the customer delays drilling by not deciding to go forward when this occur he will be billed for standing time per hour as per clause 3.

15.  There will be a R5000.00 charge for divining done by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd which will serve as a deposit and will be deducted as such on-Tax invoice once borehole is drilled by GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd

16.  The Borehole will be sealed and stays the property of GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd until paid in full

17.  DEPOSIT: specified with Estimate quote payable per hole into the bank account of GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd on acceptance of estimate quote, before drilling commence.  If the deposit is paid and the customer decide not to go forward with his decision to use the services of GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd,  GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd reserves the right to keep 10% as a Penalty.

18.  UPVC: In the event that uPVC was quoted and accepted, and the client decides not to go forward with the installation.  There will be a handling fee of 10% of the price as quoted and the client will also be liable for all transport costs of the pvc to and from site.

GJ Drilling (PTY) Ltd reserves the right to change and/or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time as deemed necessary. 01.2019

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